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We Work with All Major Insurance Companies


Which insurance companies do you work with?

We work with all automotive insurance companies. Our staff will help you determine if your specific policy will cover repairs done at Hoffman Automotive Collision Center and how much they will pay.


Will my insurance pay?

Whether or not insurance pays depends on what caused the damage to your vehicle and what coverage you or the person who hit your automobile has. The guidelines below may help you understand the different types of insurance coverage:


Liability Insurance: 

Liability insurance coverage in Georgia Liability car insurance is the only insurance coverage required in the state of Georgia. It pays for property damage or bodily injuries incurred from an accident that you cause. It’s important to remember that liability insurance never pays for your injuries or damages to your own property.


Collision and Comprehensive Coverage: 

Collision insurance coverage would pay for your car repairs, car rental fees, and similar expenses. Comprehensive coverage could pay for your damages if your automobile is stolen or is burned in a fire.


Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance covers damage to your car when it doesn’t come from a collision with another vehicle. Examples of what it covers includes natural disaster, vandalism, falling objects, hitting an animal, fire and theft.


Give us a call or stop by our office.  We’ll help determine how much insurance will pay.



How will a claim affect my premium?


It’s best to contact your personal insurance agent or company for an answer to this question.  The answer may vary based on your individual circumstances and your specific policy.



Do I Have To Pay a Deductible?


If another person hits your vehicle and has liability coverage, his or her insurance deductible does not apply to you. This means you do not have a deductible. You have no out-of-pocket auto repair expenses up to the amount of damages covered by the offending party’s insurance.

If the person who hit you decides to pay cash out of pocket, that payment will not apply to his deductible either. However, having his insurance company pay instead of paying out of pocket may or may not affect his premiums.